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Moba donates to the Eastbourne Foodbank

Moba donates to the Eastbourne Foodbank

The Moba team were delighted to donate over £1000's of Moba products to their local Foodbank in Eastbourne, helping out expectant parents with the considerable expense of a new baby.

moba donation at foodbank

On a lovely sunny day we visited their warehouse to find a group of friendly volunteers busy preparing and packing for the day's food deliveries. Hansa Raja-Jones; who manages the site, showed us around and we met Pauline Harris who is a volunteer for Best Start who was busy wrapping gifts to add to parcels for Christmas. The site holds a huge variety of donated items not just food but everything you might need in your home. It was very interesting to hear how much help is available and not just food but financial advice as well as social and emotional care for vulnerable people who have simply found themselves unable to cope. 

The commitment the team at the Foodbank have to helping people who for reason or anther have found themselves in a challenging and sometimes humiliating situation is inspiring, they are a compassionate and constructive support system.

"We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Moba team for supporting this project and their amazing donation of Moba Baskets and accessories to enable us to support vulnerable families across Eastbourne."

Hansa Raja-Jones

Baskets ready to go out to expectant parents

Two baskets loaded up and ready to be sent out to expectant parents