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Can Plastic Still Have A Place In Your Nursery?

Can Plastic Still Have A Place In Your Nursery?

Are plastics okay in your child’s nursery?

Every parent worries about the future for their children and a clean and healthy environment is paramount. In short, yes plastics are okay in your child’s nursery— if they’re long-life plastics. Long-life plastics can help contribute to this healthy and hygienic environment. In the nursery industry it would be impossible to escape plastic altogether, and for the most part you don’t need avoid it if you are aware of the type of plastic you’re buying. Follow one rule: ensure that the product is reusable or can be fully recycled. Governments and local authorities are changing the way we use and recycle plastics. It’s much easier to recycle plastic than ever before, providing it’s made of the right stuff.

Long-life plastics

Plastic is durable, hygienic and practical. Long-life plastics, substantial plastics you can use more than once, are most suitable for your child’s nursery. Many newer plastic products have been carefully designed for recycling and reuse, and also have environmental benefits that are often overlooked. For example, Moba® have produced a plastic Moses basket* that can be used again and again, as well as being fully recycled afterwards. While traditionally Moses baskets are made from wicker, palm or rattan and although many are sourced from sustainable forests, many are not. Forests cover 30% of the planet and an area half the size of England is lost to deforestation each year.

How are long-life plastics recycled?

How long-life plastics are recycled varies from product to product. Moba® use local companies to regrind any unwanted Moba® baskets and turn them into other essential products, for example, wheelie bins. Therefore your Moba® will continue to be useful, long after being an indispensable part of your baby’s nursery.