All our MOBA products have now sold out. Tommee Tippee are rebranding the MOBA Moses basket and it will now be known as the Tommee Tippee Sleepee and will be available online and in store with Tommee Tippee stockists before the end of 2019. Thank you for being a loyal customer of MOBA!

Trusted reviews

"The Moba is a stylish, safe, and hygienic place for babies to sleep. Perfect for moving from room to room. Dolly loves it and so do we!"

"If you have a Moba you will understand what I’m about to say... it is not just a wonderful Moses basket for your baby but once they have grown & don’t fit inside anymore it’s useful for the laundry, a pirate ship for a certain big brother and even a toy basket"

"So far I’ve found the main benefits to be the strong integrated handles instead of the traditional woven style, which means I’ll feel much more confident moving from room to room"

"Given Daphne's reluctance towards the cot, we’ve decided to try the Moba Moses Basket and, for some reason or another, the miracle happened! I’m not sure how this beautiful basket has done this but my back and neck are extremely grateful as Daphne loves to nap in it both day and night."